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Every morning, our halls fill with students who have struggled at nearly every step of their educational journey. Yet, somehow they find the courage to walk through our doors and trust that we, as a community, are going to see them differently. And we do. We see their strengths, we treat them with respect and dignity, we listen to their words, we hold them to high standards, and we stretch them further than they would have ever thought possible. We cultivate opportunities for our students to be successful. Then, we help them see how their work produced that success.

Marburn Academy was founded on the conviction that every child is capable of succeeding. Our charge, as educators, is to meet our students where they are, to seek an understanding of them as the incredible individuals that they are, and to empower them to leverage their strengths. We want our students to become self-aware as learners. Then, they can determine what they need to be successful and how best to advocate for themselves.

During the past 37 years, Marburn has been a leader in research-based educational best practices for students with dyslexia, ADHD, and executive function issues. We are one of only 15 school programs in the country that is accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. Our carefully constructed small classes are led by a diagnostic, relationship-focused, data-driven, and multisensory approach. We know that setting clear and measurable goals creates successful outcomes. Therefore, we coach our students in the goal-setting process and the development of organizational and self-management skills to accomplish those goals.

The foundation of our program is built upon the strength of our teachers. Our teachers see themselves as lifelong learners, and they consistently hone their skills through weekly professional development and training. Our students’ resilience and strength inspire us daily. We are deeply committed to this population and continually strive to extend that impact beyond the walls of the school.

If you are interested in learning more, contact our Admission team today. Together, we can build a bright future for your child!


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