Vision & Mission


We envision a world where every child may learn.



At Marburn Academy, we celebrate students who learn differently, empowering them to awaken their potential, to achieve success in school and life, and to drive positive change in our communities.



At Marburn Academy, our core values guide our work, determine our priorities, and inform our decision making at all points.


We believe that everyone is capable of growing and learning and that learning is a lifelong
 process. It is our responsibility to cultivate opportunities for everyone—students, families, and staff alike—to experience success, by creating a safe place to take risks, have strengths and challenges acknowledged, feel empowered, and stretch skills. To take full advantage of this opportunity, all members of our community need to be invested, intentional, and committed to their own personal growth.


We believe every individual deserves a community where they feel valued and accepted, where their strengths are acknowledged and leveraged. Further, we believe the relationships we build are critical to our success. The strength of our community rests in our ability to partner across all levels, with students, families, teachers, administration, and the Board working collaboratively to that end.


We believe all communication should be open, honest, inclusive, clear, timely, recursive, and direct. We believe communication strengthens and supports our continued growth and our sense of community. To accomplish this, we have to approach communication in an intentional and disciplined manner, utilizing all our tools.


We believe in being on the cutting edge of research, best practices, and technology. Innovation requires creativity, commitment, and a clear vision for the future. Our students deserve the best instructional methodologies available. Rather than use outdated methods that have already proven to be ineffective, we encourage our teachers to seek creatively empirical approaches.


We believe that Marburn Academy is a standard bearer for the education of students with learning differences in Central Ohio. Therefore, we strive to expand our footprint within the community-at-large, while maintaining a strong, cohesive culture and high-quality programs for our children and families. Continuing with outreach programs enables us to impact more students directly. We are committed to excellent stewardship of our resources to ensure our long-term success.

We accomplish all of this through state-of-the-art programs, teaching methods, and being a resource to Central Ohio.

State-of-the-Art Programs

Marburn’s scientifically validated teaching methods are designed to provide bright students who learn differently with the skills they will need to graduate from high school, succeed in college, and engage in meaningful and rewarding careers. These skills include:

  • acquiring the necessary high-level academic and cognitive skills;
  • developing their own talents, personal values, self-management skills, and social skills; and
  • building self-awareness and strength of character.

Teaching Methods

Marburn constantly refines its teaching methods to incorporate the latest findings from the fields of education, cognitive science, and brain research as they apply to the unique learning needs of our students. The goal of the curriculum is to enable students with dyslexia or ADHD to realize and fulfill their academic, social, and emotional potential.

Remediating skill deficits, building self-awareness and self-advocacy, and developing thinking skills are the main objectives when addressing new students’ needs. When these students’ skill deficits approach grade level, they move forward into building their capacity to employ new skills independently, tackle more demanding tasks, and work in larger groups, with less individual attention and support. This scaffolding of instruction ensures that each student is prepared to succeed in high school and college.

The ultimate goal is always to encourage and support students with learning differences as they acquire the skills, self-knowledge, and strength of character they need to be successful.

Being a Resource to Central Ohio

At Marburn Academy, we are fierce advocates for our own students’ needs, but our commitment to education isn’t limited within our school walls. We also aim to improve the quality of education available to people with learning differences throughout Central Ohio and the state.

Through the Marburn Education Collaborative, Marburn acts as a resource for parents, a demonstration center for model programs, and a training center for educators, physicians, psychologists, and other professionals. We also provide

  • free Community Parent Seminars to acquaint Central Ohio parents with the latest research findings on effective program design for students with learning differences;
  • a summer Phonemic Awareness program for 5–6 year-olds, which introduces Phonemic Awareness training to the Central Ohio area. Research has established that Phonemic Awareness deficits are the major cause of reading difficulties in children;
  • a monthly free Early Reading Screening, which assists parents of 5–7 year-olds with early awareness of potential reading problems, before children encounter failure. Faculty training sessions conducted at public schools and educator conferences have served over 10,000 educators in the past decade;
  • annual, high-level Orton-Gillingham training for teachers; and
  • tutorial instruction for dyslexic students.

To access all services offered through the Marburn Education Collaborative, please click here.

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