Physical Education/Athletics

Marburn Academy’s physical education classes give all students the opportunity to improve fitness, to practice teamwork, to develop skills, and to build confidence.

Lower and Middle Division students participate in regular physical education classes as part of their Specials class rotation. Marburn’s physical education classes emphasize the same beliefs as our Voyageurs Program: teamwork, courage, and continuing to try. Activities include wall climbing and a wide variety of team sports. For high school students, physical education classes include climbing, team sports, fitness, aerobic exercise, swimming, and weight lifting.

Marburn offers a variety of athletic teams. Coaches focus on teaching fundamental techniques and strategies to each team member. Volleyball, basketball, golf, Ultimate Frisbee, cross country, and flag football teams have all been fielded.

On rare occasions, students wish to participate in athletic opportunities that are not available at Marburn. In these cases, oftentimes accommodations can be made in order for the student to participate through their home school’s program.