After-School Programs & Clubs

Students who have learning differences often find themselves having to spend more time and mental energy working on homework and studying than their peers.

As a result, there is usually less time for pursuing the kinds of activities that might feel more fun. At Marburn, we believe that giving students the time to discover new interests is an essential part of a rich, meaningful school experience.

Marburn Academy’s flexible After-School Programs are designed to give students a wide variety of high-quality activities that will give them opportunities to actively explore, identify, and develop their natural affinities. A central component of the programs is that all the activities are led by a faculty member or adult who has been trained in Marburn’s foundational beliefs and problem-solving strategies. This training enables students to have the most consistent environment possible, positioning them for success.

After-School Program activities don’t simply provide time to “play” or “hang out” after school. Rather, they present opportunities for students to learn essential skills and concepts, to work toward truly mastering a craft.

Examples include Robotics Club, Lego Club, Creative Arts Magazine, Board Games Club, and many more.