American educator Thomas H. Palmer said, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

This is the mantra of our Voyageur Program. This concept is an easy one to talk about, but it can be challenging in practice. What better way for students to learn this lesson than by experiencing it?

The Voyageurs program provides a supportive environment for developing students’ confidence and leadership skills through navigating the challenges of outdoor adventure activities. These activities may include day hikes, backpacking trips, high ropes, horseback riding, white water rafting, canoe trips, bike trips, rock climbing, caving, and skiing. These experiences allow students to discover new interests, uncover latent talents, and shape their characters.

We have found that such experiences enrich the classroom learning process as well. Sometimes, the learning process can be frustrating. This can happen for all of us, but it can occur more often for students who learn differently. Students may feel like they are going nowhere, or even backward. Other times there can be steady, plodding progress. And yet, there are also those fantastic Aha! moments, when everything comes together. These are best described as “teachable moments,” and, through our Voyageur Program, we create as many of these moments as possible.