Grades 1–8

Division Structure

Our entire school day, from academics to co-curricular activities, is designed to nurture our students’ strengths while simultaneously addressing their remediation needs. Daily small-group Orton-Gillingham language classes and experientially based math classes provide a solid instructional foundation. This approach enables non-intuitive learners to acquire the academic subskills necessary for success, both with higher-level critical thinking and the problem-solving skills necessary for 21st-century curriculum.

Lower and Middle Division classrooms are built upon a model of 16 students with 2 full-time lead teachers. This model permits individualized and small-group attention. It also allows flexibility, so one teacher can work with one student if needed, while the other teacher continues with whole-group instruction.

Students are served within the following divisions:

  • Lower Division (Grades 1–5)
  • Middle Division (Grades 6–8)

1-1 Laptop Program

Because our students live in a digital world, it is critical for us to guide them in responsible and proper use of digital tools. Each Lower Division student is given access to an iPad and each Middle Division student is given access to a MacBook Air to use in school. Educational goals include:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased collaboration
  • Performance-based learning
  • Internet safety
  • Increased knowledge of available assistive technology