Today’s 21st-century learners are in the unique position of having access to more information than any generation before them.

With this access comes responsibility: to learn how to source credible resources and to learn the skills necessary to do so.

Now, more than ever, students must be technologically fluent before entering the workforce. Not only must they be comfortable working across multiple technology platforms, they must also have a keen awareness of how to use them discriminately. At Marburn, we strive to:

  • establish, maintain, and promote a culture where assistive technologies are central to students’ learning experiences in all subject areas;
  • provide the technology and digital tools to foster critical thinkers and designers through problem-based learning;
  • cultivate a supportive, collaborative learning environment, with technology integrated as a meaningful and effective part of the educational process;
  • use technology as a tool to differentiate instruction that fits the explicit needs of each student;
  • utilize technology to support all aspects of students’ executive functions, including specific organization strategies, planning and prioritizing tools, and self-monitoring;
  • empower lifelong learners with job skills and proficiencies necessary for the modern workforce; and
  • foster creativity and imagination while exploring students’ affinities in future technologies and careers.