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Celebrating Successes in the Specials Classes

In the Specials department, our awards ceremonies occur throughout the year in a variety of circumstances.  Every endeavor (no matter how fraught with challenge or setback) includes small victories that, when recognized, stack one upon the other over time, each adding its own critical rung on the ladder to success.  We try to celebrate each new step our students take.

Co-curricular activities and the academic classes associated with the specials departments publicly celebrate progress and achievement in a variety of ways.  Athletics and performing arts groups get instantaneous feedback from audience cheers, applause, and accolades. These are important.  These provide the external motivation to put in the hours of practice required for the activity. They create the conditions that make a team out of a group of individuals.  But it is through our banquets and recognition ceremonies, where each student on the team is recognized in front of peers and families for their individual growth and unique contributions to the team, that we build those rungs on the success ladder.  

Published works such as significant technology or visual arts projects provide a different sort of audience feedback which, while not as immediate, produces a sense of oneself as a member of a group of artists.  Awards are based on marked growth in specific technical skills, as well as for growth and development of problem solving, revision cycles, and observation and analytic processes. We celebrate each step our students take toward mastering the skills of each discipline and we are so proud of their accomplishments as they uncover their unique ability to persevere and achieve.

Leslie Buford
Language Specialist and Head of Specials