Celeste Stevenson and Marburn’s Admission Process

When does Marburn’s Admission team accept inquiries for admission?
Marburn accepts inquiries for admission on a year round basis. We have a rolling admission policy, which means we admit students throughout the school year, up through the first day of the last nine weeks of school. Anyone inquiring during the last nine weeks, and summer, are considered for the upcoming school year.

What does Marburn’s Admission process look like during the COVID-19 mandatory school closure?
Our Admission team realizes the COVID19 virus situation is new territory for everyone involved. It is our goal during this time to keep the Admission process as simplified and normal as possible:

Phase 1 involves a phone conversation with parents to determine a student’s eligibility. In Phase 2 we evaluate a student’s needs through cognitive, diagnostic, and behavioral information from psychologists and academic professionals. Phase 3 includes a virtual tour of Marburn’s facility. And, during the mandatory school closings and Phase 4, our Admission Office will conduct student interviews via Zoom. Details of the interview are as follows:

  1. 45 minute interview
  2. An adult is required to be in the room at home during the interview.
  3. It is possible a Marburn teacher will participate in the interview.
  4. The interview will be recorded.

To learn more about the admission process, visit our website at https://marburnacademy.org/admission/admission-guidelines/

What are some of the documents required for the admission process?
Items such as an ETR, IEP, 504, cognitive/diagnostic reports, IQ testing, current report card, and writing and math samples will be required. Our team will notify families if any additional information is necessary.

How does the Admission team evaluate whether students are a good fit for Marburn’s program?
Our team will take a comprehensive look at each student’s information, taking into consideration academic, cognitive, diagnostic, social, emotional, behavioral, and psychological needs to determine if our program is a fit. While Marburn may not be the right fit for every student, we’re committed to supporting students who learn differently.

Where can families learn more about admission and enrollment at Marburn?
Our website provides information under the Admission tab. We also offer Admission Information Sessions throughout the school year. We will soon have a virtual Admission Information Session available. Click here to take a virtual tour of our campus. Please contact the Admission for more information.

During the mandated school closure, our Admission team is working remotely, accepting inquiries and moving through the admission process for all interested families. Please schedule a phone conference with Celeste HERE or email her at admission@marburnacademy.org to learn more.