Community within the Middle Division

img_0933What makes a community? Why is community important? Is any group of people a community?

These are the types of questions that Middle Division explores during the beginning of the year as we work to establish classroom, division, and school communities.  Emphasis on each individual’s role within the larger community is a major component in our discussions and experiences.  Because we believe that a strong community is essential to a positive school experience and life success, we work to create a variety of experiences and conversations around this idea.
This year, Middle Division began the year with reviewing the “Rights and Responsibilities” in groups and in advisory, and how these help form the guidelines for our division and school community. These principles were also used to help students create agreements for the Classroom Community. Students and teachers participated in cooperative games led by teachers Michael Taylor and Becky Skinner.

Our first “Monthly Meeting” in August was on the topic of community–how our energies combined together are greater than any one of us alone. 8th graders, led by teacher Dana Brennan and the rest of the 8th-grade teachers, are embarking on a new project to work in collaborative groups with teacher leaders on a team-selected project that can enhance or solve a problem in a community (school, city, state, or even global). Our Fall Voyageurs trip to Camp Akita is also an experience designed to give students a chance to get to know each other better and to further establish trust in each other and build our division’s community.