From Frustration to Success

As a parent, you know when something about your child is different. When Blake Miggo was a toddler, his mother Kathy recognized he was missing milestones that his twin brother Connor was hitting. After discovering he was born without hearing, Blake had surgery at the age of three and has fully recovered his ability to hear. Blake’s hearing loss required speech therapy and lowered his self-esteem as he continued to fall behind his peers.

Within a few years, Blake was also diagnosed with dyslexia and going to school became more and more difficult. Outside of school hours, Blake was taking speech therapy in the morning and Orton-Gillingham classes in the afternoon. “We felt like we had to drag him to school every day,” said Kathy. “He was exhausted and frustrated.”

Kathy and her husband Steve decided they needed to find a solution for Blake. Kathy said, “I just want my boys to be happy and love learning. I want a place where Blake can learn what he needs to learn and not feel defeated.”

Through her research, Kathy discovered Marburn Academy. She called the school and was immediately impressed with the admission team. “The admission process was easy,” Kathy said. “I appreciated how helpful, caring and thorough they were. I believe that testing kids before they go to school is important, and the admission team’s help navigating the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) was critical.”

Kathy and Steve enrolled Blake in Marburn’s Phonemic Awareness class in the summer of 2018, and he became a day school student that fall. Blake continues to work with tutors in the summer and after his first full year at Marburn, one of his tutors was astonished by his progress. “That second summer she saw him, she thought, he was a different kid,” Kathy said. “He had grown and learned so much. He likes math. He reads. His handwriting is lovely. He enjoys art. He even gets excited about doing new projects.”

When Blake’s older brother Max was identified with executive function disorder, Kathy and Steve didn’t hesitate to start the admission process at Marburn for him. When Max spent the day at Marburn shadowing in a classroom, he told his mom it was the best math class he’d ever been in because he finally understood what they were talking about. Max joined the Marburn family as a day school student in the fall of 2019.

The Miggo family is grateful for the specialized education Marburn is providing for their boys. “The accommodations Marburn provides for our children are so meaningful,” Kathy said. “The boys are proud of themselves. Their self-esteem and resilience have improved. Marburn has taught them what success feels like. Walking into the building at Marburn feels like a warm hug.”