Head of Lower Division

Head of Lower Division
Full-Time Position

Our Mission: At Marburn Academy, we celebrate students who learn differently, empowering them to awaken their potential, to achieve success in school and life, and to drive positive change in our communities.

The Head of the Lower School reports directly to the Associate Head of School.

Instructional Leadership

  • Strong working knowledge of learning differences/disabilities and adolescence as a stage of human development
  • Openness to feedback and personal growth
  • Commitment to coaching and growing faculty and staff
  • Promote a positive faculty culture aligned with our agreed upon Cultural Values
  • Ability to innovate and build a robust and sustainable program
  • Demonstrated intellectual curiosity, cultural competency, and growth mindset
  • Experience evaluating faculty and team‐building
  • Deftness in managing multiple and shifting priorities and the ability to solve problems and conflicts effectively, strategically, and tactfully
  • Commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment that cultivates an awareness of and sensitivity to all differences

Communication Skills

  • Excellent interpersonal and group communication skills, demonstrating empathy, directness, and open‐minded decision-making
  • Ability to manage complex communication within the division, school, and parent community
  • Demonstrated success in working collaboratively and flexibly with colleagues, staff, parents, volunteers, and the broader community

Duties of the Head of the Lower Division

  • Advance the mission, vision, and values of the Marburn Community
  • Lead the Lower Division, responsible for its day‐to‐day operation; direct and support the activities of the Lower Division faculty and staff in their duties and teaching
  • Articulate the Lower Division’s programs, philosophy, expectations, behavioral guidelines, and other information necessary to ensure that all constituencies are fully informed consistent with their individual roles
  • Provide an orderly environment in which learning can take place; foster a school climate that is supportive and generates positive morale
  • Be aware of the educational, physical, social, and psychological needs of our Lower Division students, and collaborate with the Dean of Students to develop plans for meeting those needs
  • Inform and Collaborate with the Head of School and Associate Head of School on issues and opportunities within the Lower Division program and activities
  • Direct the coordination of co‐curricular and extracurricular activities within the Lower Division; assist in the planning and presentation of school assemblies and programs; assist in maintaining a comprehensive calendar of school events; keep entire school community informed of various school programs and activities
  • Work with faculty and the Associate Head of School to support and retain students and families
  • Assist in creating a class schedule and student roster with the Associate Head of School
  • Update of student profiles and testing data
  • Serve as a consultant to teachers in matters of classroom management, teaching methods, and general school policies and procedures
  • Observe, supervise, and evaluate the Lower Division faculty in the development and implementation of curriculum; supervise the teaching process; review, evaluate, and develop academic programs in collaboration with the Academic Dean
  • Support students, staff, and parents in the orientation and induction into our community and program
  • Provide guidance and oversee the grading and reporting of standards and methods used by teachers in measuring student achievement
  • Work with the Dean of Students to determine, communicate, and uphold the student code of conduct; maintain student discipline consistent with school policies and dress code
  • Maintain timely and relevant communication to parents and facilitate faculty communication with parents
  • Collaborate with all administrators as a member of the administrative team
  • Assist in the interviewing and hiring of new faculty
  • Ensure compliance with the legal requirements and maintain the educational standards established by the State of Ohio and ISACS
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Responsibilities Specific to Lower Division Head:

  • Schedule all non-sport and non-tech afterschool activities
  • Hire all non-sport and non-tech afterschool teachers
  • Contact parents regarding all non-sport and non-tech after school activities
  • Supervise all non-sport and non-tech after school activities


  • Minimum of five (5) years of relevant teaching or administrative experience preferably in an independent school
  • Proven record of success as a teacher and instructional leader
  • Demonstrated technological proficiency