High School Advisory and Goal Setting

dsc_0049By the time students graduate from High School, we want them to own their dreams and take steps toward them. When they run through the Freshman Arch marking their entry to the High School, many of them are ready to tackle the challenge of figuring out the next steps. That fundamental moment of optimism, of acceptance of new opportunity, is the pivot point the High School Faculty uses.

While the role of Advisory is consistent throughout the building, the role the student assumes is a much more involved one. Students self-report on their own perceived strengths and challenges, and the patterns or habits they see hindering progress. Advisors combine that student self-report with teacher observations and parent input in order to help students frame goals that the student, teachers, and parents all agree to work on.  

Advisors check in with their advisee cohort briefly each day, and for an extended period of time on Friday. The quick check-ins are useful for intentional work on goals, questions about homework or class content, and sorting materials and calendar reminders.  The longer period on Friday allows advisors to talk about community issues in small-group settings, and individually discuss progress.

As students mature throughout each year of High School, their participation and feedback help frame their goals and mark their advancement.  

r-rubin-2-loresAuthor: Ruth Rubin, Head of High School


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