Marburn’s Commitment

Marburn Academy is committed to serving as a catalyst for improving the quality of education available to people with learning differences throughout Central Ohio and the state.

In this role, Marburn Academy acts as a resource for parents, a demonstration center for model programs, and a training center for educators, psychologists, and other professionals. Hundreds of parents, teachers, and undergraduate college students annually take advantage of Marburn’s visitation program to observe model programs in action in the classroom.

Free Community Parent Seminars

Marburn’s free Community Parent Seminars acquaint Central Ohio parents with the latest research findings on effective program design for students with learning differences. Faculty training sessions conducted at public schools and educators’ conferences have served more than 10,000 educators in the past decade.

Summer School

Our Summer School for students in grades K–9 introduces Phonemic Awareness and the Orton-Gillingham approach to the Central Ohio area.

Free Early Reading Screenings

Marburn’s monthly free Early Reading Screenings provide parents of kindergarteners, first and second-graders with early awareness of the potential for reading problems before children encounter failure. Research has established that Phonemic Awareness deficits are the major cause of reading difficulties in students.

Professional Training and Tutoring

In addition, Marburn Academy annually provides high-level Orton-Gillingham training to teachers and tutorial instruction for students with dyslexia.

Marburn On-Demand

Marburn On-Demand (MOD) is an online resource for adults seeking to expand their knowledge about the specific academic needs of children who learn differently.

These programs are supported by:

Adam Stuart Linhart Memorial Fund
Big Lots Foundation
Discover Financial Services
Harry C. Moores Foundation