Middle Division Advisory and Goal Setting

img_2308In the Middle Division, advisors take on the role of the central point person for their advisee students. Advisors routinely meet with each student and work with them to identify areas of strength, challenge, and affinity. Advisors guide students through the goal setting process, sometimes working to build on existing strengths and other times tackling an area of particular challenge. Parent and teacher feedback is also incorporated into conversations with students as goals are selected and prioritized. Advisors help students select manageable goals, narrow their focus, and brainstorm strategies to try. As students move through the Middle Division, the student role and independence level within this process increases.

During a typical advisory period, advisors hold meetings with individual students. Conversations may focus on goal setting, progress toward goals, or any other pertinent issues, from homework to friends to a disagreement with a classmate. Students in the advisory group (but not meeting with their advisor) utilize the period to get a start on homework while they are still in the building. This gives them a chance to identify any misunderstandings or difficulties with an assignment before they leave school and offers a consistent time where their teachers are available to answer questions.

k-huenemann-1-loresAuthor: Kristen Huenemann, Head of Middle Division


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