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Library Partners with Marburn Academy to Enhance its Reading Buddies Program


– Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) has partnered with educators at Marburn Academy to enhance its Reading Buddies program –

Marburn Academy’s Outreach team is honored to provide training for Columbus Metropolitan Library staff to enhance the library’s Reading Buddies program. Since it was unveiled in 2014, Reading Buddies has offered Kindergarten through third grade students free 15-minute, one-on-one reading practice with an adult buddy at all 23 CML locations.

Based on a yearlong collaboration with Marburn Academy special educators, CML is introducing a new iteration of its Reading Buddies program, which library leaders believe will maximize its effectiveness in preparing K-3 students for reading success.

The new Reading Buddies approach, developed by Marburn, adds tools and activities that focus on comprehension, decoding and letter identification: key skills on the path to literacy. In addition, the critical component of caregiver engagement will be strengthened with a review of the content and an evaluation of the child’s performance. Involving the caregiver deepens the impact of the session and provides the opportunity to encourage continued work at home.

“At Columbus Metropolitan Library, our goal is to equip young minds with the tools they need to be successful, and to work closely with parents and caregivers so they can continue that important work at home,” said CML CEO Patrick Losinski. “We are so fortunate in central Ohio to have access to world-class educational thought leaders like we have at Marburn Academy. Leveraging community partnerships like these creates better outcomes for our customers – particularly our youngest ones.”

“Marburn and CML have shared values and both organizations strive to serve children’s educational needs in meaningful and lasting ways,” said Scott Burton, Marburn Academy’s Interim Head of School. “We were thrilled to be able to lend Marburn’s expertise in reading development and instruction and develop a customized approach to help elevate a recognizable program like Reading Buddies. Early indicators show that this collaboration is improving the experience and outcomes for students and parents alike.”

Since the program’s debut, CML staff have led more than 150,000 Reading Buddies sessions with K-3 students system-wide, including 37,000 in 2018. It continues to increase in popularity.

Columbus Metropolitan Library launches its updated Reading Buddies program at all locations today.


Thank you to the following foundations and organizations for providing funding for Marburn’s outreach programs.

Adam Stuart Lindhart Memorial Fund
Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation
Harry C. Moores Foundation
Worthington Industries