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Marburn Academy Interim Leadership

Progress is impossible without change. Four years ago, we welcomed Jamie Williamson to Marburn Academy as the Head of School, and he brought a growth mindset that helped Marburn advance in significant ways. With his departure to become Head at The Windward School in New York, we are grateful for the change, progress and growth he contributed to our students, families, faculty, staff and the community.

While the search s underway to identify Marburn’s next Head, I’m honored to have been appointed Interim Head of School effective July 1. I’ve spent most of my career at Marburn Academy, first as a teacher for five years, then as Dean of Students and Admission Director for 21 years, and most recently as Associate Head of School for the past eight years. I’m excited to assume the role and continue my support of students who learn differently and their families.

My affinity for Marburn and its students is rooted in the idea that every child is capable of succeeding. Students should have every opportunity to learn in a safe environment that supports their individual educational needs and fosters strengths, empowerment and leadership. Then, with a newfound confidence, students are able to determine what they need and how best to advocate for themselves.

With my transition to Interim Head of School, the role of Associate Head of School has been filled in an interim capacity by former Academic Dean, Jennifer Martin-Gledhill. Jennifer also brings extensive experience to the role having served students and families at Marburn for 12 years. Jennifer’s responsibilities as Academic Dean have been divided and have either been kept by Jennifer or reassigned to specific staff for the 2019-2020 school year.

The Marburn Academy Board has retained John Littleford and Associates as the official search firm and interviews are underway. I have complete trust in the Board and the search committee to identify the perfect Head of School for Marburn Academy’s next chapter of growth. You can keep up with the hiring process by visiting the “Head of School Search” subtab on our website.

As Marburn looks to the future, I’m energized and optimistic. While this is a year of transition and interim appointments, this will not be a year of treading water or settling for the status quo. We intend to continue on our growth trajectory, innovate in our classrooms, and unleash the potential in every child. I look forward to the year ahead, and I’m excited to partner with each of you as we pursue our collective goals.

Scott Burton
Marburn Academy Interim Head of School

Scott Burton