Support Marburn Academy Scholarships through the new OAIS Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) Portal and Save!


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Marburn Academy is a member school of OAIS (Ohio Association of Independent Schools). Recently, OAIS, and its consortium of schools, became a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). Donors who give to specific schools through the OAIS SGO portal qualify for a new tax benefit. 

Why is this important to Marburn Academy and its donors?

Due to a recent change to Ohio’s tax code, managing scholarship support for low-income families through a separate entity (an SGO) will allow donors to qualify for a healthy tax credit. Being dependent on philanthropy to support financial aid awards to our families in general, Marburn hopes that offering this opportunity will increase our ability to attract new donors and increase donations. This, in turn, will increase our ability to help more families access educational services at Marburn Academy and at our new centrally located Marburn Educational Collaborative site.

What benefits will donors receive for giving to Marburn through OAIS’ SGO?

Giving to Marburn Academy through the OAIS SGO will allow an annual tax credit of $750 for an individual or $1,500 per couple (must give two separate transactions of $750 vs. one for $1,500). This will reduce an individual or couple’s tax liability to zero, but will not contribute to a refund. Corporate support is not yet eligible through this program, though may be added at a later date as has been seen in other states. 

Who will qualify to receive scholarship support from OAIS’ SGO? 

Donations given to Marburn Academy through the OAIS SGO will be disbursed to the school on a regular basis based on a list of qualifying families the school provides to OAIS. Families receiving scholarship support from OAIS’ SGO must earn less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. Awards made to families through the OAIS SGO will be determined through the current Financial Aid awarding process as established by Marburn Academy. 

I am an existing donor to Marburn Academy, what will this mean for our giving this year?

The OAIS SGO will be an additional funding option starting in FY23 (beginning July 1, 2022). 

You may elect to continue to give to Marburn Academy solely (for a variety of purposes of your choosing, including unrestricted/area of greatest need, scholarships, programming, or other specific funds and initiatives), to give to Marburn through the OAIS SGO solely (scholarships for low-income families only) or you may opt to give to both Marburn Academy and OAIS SGO separately.

Donations to the OAIS SGO occur through the OAIS site only at this time. Our website and collateral will alert donors to this new funding option and provide the necessary information and links. Donors will receive separate gift acknowledgements/receipts for donations made to Marburn Academy and to the OAIS SGO for your accounting needs. Donations made to Marburn Academy through the OAIS SGO will be reflected in your giving history as a “soft-credit” and will be added to your cumulative giving totals that inform donor listings.