Success Stories

"Always be diligent, do extra credit, turn homework in on time, stay on top of everything and, mostly, don't be afraid to speak up if I need help."

- Alexandra Kasson Class of 2020 Read More

“If it were not for Marburn, I would have never developed the skills I needed to pursue my dreams.”

- Joe Egan Read More

"Marburn Academy ... gave me the confidence I needed to accomplish my goals; and in conjunction with my parents, imparted to me principles that I live by to this day."

- Major Brian Carey Read More

"I have learned how to advocate for myself when I have questions or am confused, and how to be an independent learner and I also have a better understanding of what I need to be successful."

- Hannah Hess Class of 2017 Read More

“The skills I acquired at Marburn Academy remain with me today and have been crucial to both my personal and professional success.”

- Jason Laudick Co-Owner, Leo Alfred Jewelers Read More

"Marburn taught me how to stand up for myself and ask for help when I needed it. They taught me that it's okay to have different areas of strengths and weaknesses and we all don't have to be the same. But most importantly they taught me that it's okay for me to be myself."

- Kate Morrison Owner, Kate Morrison Photography Read More

"I am so thankful for my Marburn education. My hard work today, combined with the skill of my Marburn teachers, helped prepare me for life and my career."

- Sean Riedl Mechanical Engineer Read More