Alexandra Kasson


Class of 2020


Alexandra Kasson is a member of the Class of 2020. Alexandra has ADHD, and she enrolled at Marburn Academy in 7th grade after struggling significantly with math and reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, memorization, and self-esteem. During her time at Marburn, Alexandra learned to advocate for herself, honed her annotation skills, and significantly built her self-confidence.

Alexandra’s mother, Monica, explained, “Since she started at Marburn, not only have we noticed a huge difference in confidence levels, but other people in her life have as well – neighbors, aunts, uncles, and friends have all commented on the difference.”

Homework, specifically, was previously a constant challenge for Alexandra.

Her father, Kevin, shared, “She would complain that I didn’t do it like she was taught in school. We spent hours on it, and after she went to bed, I wanted to sit down and cry. She didn’t get it, and, as a parent, I didn’t know how to ‘fix it.’ Every night, Alexandra went to bed mad at me and frustrated with life. Long-term, the signs did not point to success.”

After visiting Marburn, Alexandra’s parents finally felt they’d found the answers they needed to address her challenges, and overnight their perspective of their daughter’s future changed.

AND BECAUSE ALEXANDRA MET MARBURN, she arrives home each day and immediately begins doing homework without having to be asked. She is diligent, doesn’t want to be disturbed, and looks for opportunities to work ahead.

“No longer the homework enforcer, I could finally be a father,” said Kevin.

Alexandra, who once viewed school purely as a social opportunity, now loves it for the sake of learning.

With an eye to the future, Alexandra has discovered a true affinity for art and all things design – interior, architecture, and industrial. She already knows that she wants to attend The University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning and hopes to someday work for Disney addressing their interior design needs.

Until then, Alexandra will implement what she has learned so far: “to always be diligent, do extra credit, turn homework in on time, stay on top of everything and, mostly, don’t be afraid to speak up if I need help.”