Hannah Hess


Class of 2017


Hannah Hess graduated from Marburn Academy in 2017. Hannah has dyslexia and a processing delay and entered Marburn Academy in the 6th grade with significant academic delays and low self-confidence. During her time at Marburn, Hannah flourished. She fully embraced the Marburn culture and commonly refered to our community as her “Marburn family.” Very involved at Marburn, she was a member of the Cross Country team, a coach for Girls on the Run, and was inducted into National Honors Society, among other things.

AND BECAUSE HANNAH MET MARBURN, Marburn taught her many important skills that she not only uses in college but will also use for the rest of her life. She shared, “I have learned how to advocate for myself when I have questions or am confused, and how to be an independent learner, and also have a better understanding of what I need to be successful. However, the biggest lesson I have learned is not to be embarrassed by the fact that I have a learning disability or look at it as a weakness, but to be proud of it because, frankly, I think it’s something that has made me a stronger person.”

Hannah is currently attending Hope College and pursuing a career in education.