Class of 2021


Elijah is currently a 9th grader at Marburn Academy. Due to his dyslexia, Elijah is an “out-of-the-box” learner and has a different learning style than is typically provided at a traditional school. When Elijah first shadowed at Marburn and was asked why he wanted to attend, he said, “it’s because of the way they teach, you aren’t just sitting being lectured to, you are up and moving, and that’s how I learn best.”

Elijah’s parents say that it wasn’t until Elijah started at Marburn, that the focus of his learning was on his strengths and not just about how his learning was different. They shared, “Marburn not only teaches academics but they teach students the tools they need to be successful in order to allow their strengths to shine through.”

AND BECAUSE ELIJAH MET MARBURN, his strengths shine brightly in his academics, as an integral member of the Robotics Team, and on stage in every Marburn musical.