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Is it a Learning Disability or a Learning Difference?

Although many students come to Marburn Academy with a "learning disability" label, we reject the concept they are "disabled" from learning. These are children of average to superior intelligence who struggle to learn reading, writing, spelling, math, and/or self-management skills if they are taught with traditional teaching methods. At Marburn Academy, twenty-five years of experience demonstrates that our students learn at high levels when their learning differences are matched by corresponding teaching differences.


What is Different About Marburn Academy?

Children who have struggled to achieve in school because of a learning difference require a highly

effective skill remediation program, but they also deserve challenging academics and stimulating opportunities to develop their interests and talents. Marburn Academy is the only K-12 school in Central Ohio with an academic and extra-curricular program that is designed to address the full range of these unique learning and personal development needs of bright children with learning differences such as dyslexia and ADHD.

Elements such as daily Orton-Gillingham reading instruction, college preparatory academic curricula focused on thinking skills and problem solving, and a wide array of extra-curricular activities combine to produce a comprehensive school experience which is, indeed, "the finest education for bright children who learn differently."


My advice to parents who are looking for answers to the problems their bright children are having in school is, "Do not hesitate!" The biggest mistake we made was not enrolling our daughter in Marburn Academy as soon as we learned that their teaching methods matched the way she learned. She would have been successful that much sooner. ~Jennifer, Marburn Parent


Marburn Academy's Unique Features

It is the combination of all these unique features which has resulted in Marburn Academy's recognition as one of the top schools in the country for bright children with learning differences. Dr. Sally Shaywitz, in her ground-breaking 2003 book, "Overcoming Dyslexia", includes Marburn Academy on her list of recommended schools.


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